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Lowlands Amsterdam Coffeeshop

Rawai, Phuket

79, 26 Wiset Road Rawai, Phuket


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  • Noah Huber
    Noah Huber
    3 months ago

    The employees are very professional and polite and they know what they are selling, and the products they sell are of the appropriate quality. The two ladies at the bar make very good and refreshing juices that I can recommend to anyone at any time. This bar is one of my unforgettable, beautiful moments in Thailand. Big thanks to the team at Lowlands Rawai 🤝

  • Swift
    a month ago

    Finding this place has made my holiday to Thailand even better than I could imagine. So relaxing smoking weed and making new friends in this friendly environment. The staff are so welcoming and friendly and really do have a great selection of weed. Can't wait to come back, shout out to Mickey.

  • Luca Stradmann
    Luca Stradmann
    3 weeks ago

    Lowlands Amsterdam Coffee Shop is amazing and my favourite shop in Phuket! I've checked out all the weed shops in Rawai, Phuket for 8 months and this one is by far the best. They have a cool pool table with a cool view and the service is super friendly. The drinks are great, and the weed is top-notch. If you're around, you should definitely stop by. Highly recommend! Ps. Im a local veteran stoner from Amsterdam

  • Art Bdrlt (Art B)
    Art Bdrlt (Art B)
    a month ago

    Awesome place to hang out. The staff was super helpful and gave us refreshing towels when we arrived because we were so sweaty. Great advices, friendly prices... I recommend!

  • July R
    July R
    3 months ago

    Truly awesome place, great weed, amazing stuff, the owner is super friendly. To be honest, I was having a bad day and just stopped by to buy some weed and get home, but ended up spending there over 2 hours after which I left in the highest of spirits, literally and figuratively. I really like the atmosphere and the people there, will definitely come back. Highly recommend!

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