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Smoking area ฿200.00 - ฿650.00


Chatuchak, Bangkok

Neverland.OG – Bangkok Weed Shop & CBD with Delivery

“Cannabis – Making Every Day a Magical Neverland!”

Since our first day in business, Neverland.OG has been offering our customers the best selection of Cannabis(weed,pods,dabs) at unbeatable prices. Our online store has become synonymous with quality and we ensure a continuous variety of fantastic strains from USA that fit any budget.


  • Wide-Varieties e.g. Thc-pods, wax, dabs
  • < 1-hour Delivery (in Bangkok)
  • Cash-on-Delivery service
  • Customers services and advice
  • Competitive Wholesale prices.


Google Reviews

193 reviews
  • Kevin Teoh
    Kevin Teoh
    a month ago

    Fantastic source of good weed and thc vapes. Pete is really cool and relax, ever willing to provide any information you may need. He strives to make his customers happy always.

  • Jesse
    a week ago

    Great cannabis shop in Bangkok. If you want to stay close to it, there's a nice business type hotel across the street. Little restaurants outside the shop also with festive atmosphere. I tried multiple flavors of the Weedy vape. If anyone is wondering about them, I recommend trying these. I liked them. Little tips for these vape pens if you are a newbie like me: 1. Keep them fully charged to produce powerful vapor, 2. Do a half a second inhale to pre-heat the vaporizer for each session. 3. Sometimes after not using them, no vapor might come out. I found out that holding them from the seams of the cartridge from both ends with your thumb and index-finger and doing a pumping-action while inhaling will open them up eventually. My ultimate favourite was the Guava Cake. Very good for intimate time with your partner. Shout out to the budtender Pete! I couldn't make the time to do the dab with you, bro! Next time for sure! Let me hear you say MAUI WAUI, bud-dyyyy! Haha!

  • Skyy B
    Skyy B
    2 months ago

    Super great and handsome budtender! He gave a lot of useful information, and his product very fresh! Lovely smokers please visit his shop if you have a chance!

  • Alice Thet
    Alice Thet
    4 months ago

    Got a freshness ,sweetness and beautiful texture of every items . You can’t even know how they are so kind . I got 2 grams of super exotic present 🎁 Highly recommended 😎

  • Daichi Oya
    Daichi Oya
    3 weeks ago

    Neverland OG in Bangkok is a hidden gem, offering a cozy and welcoming atmosphere that sets it apart. The warm interior, friendly staff create an inviting space for cannabis enthusiasts. With a curated selection of top-quality products, it's more than a dispensary; it's a comforting retreat for a personalized and enjoyable cannabis experience.

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