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Green Ghost is a cannabis shop in Phuket offering a wide variety of locally-sourced and organic products, including flowers, edibles, and accessories.

At Green Ghost, our philosophy is to support the local Thai weed market by exclusively selecting high-quality organic weed grown in Thailand. We do not import weed from other countries. By doing so, we hope to contribute to making Thailand a top spot for high-quality weed growth in the world.

Green Ghost is the result of a partnership with best Phuket growers and Gokai Labs, a digital branding and communication agency with over 10 years of experience in Thailand.

What sets Green Ghost apart from other coffeeshop in the industry

This collaboration has allowed us to launch a unique concept that combines the precision of quality weed production, weed shop management, technology, and creativity. Green Ghost stands out from its competitors.

Committed to local values, our products are mainly sourced from Thailand, organic, and carefully selected by our experts.

Green Ghost is not just another coffee shop; it is the culmination of the passion of an entire team dedicated to our clients with an innovative rewards system.

Green Ghost is a contributor to the GhostVerse DAO, providing exclusive privileges to NFT holders as members of the Ghost Clan.

MxGhosts pixel and voxel NFTs holders receive a 31% discount and $EBUD cashback on all orders, in addition to earning passive income in
$EGLD on MultiversX blockchain.

Looking to get your hands on a unique Mr. Ghost NFT

Head over to MxGhosts and keep an eye out for our upcoming public sales or purchase one on the secondary market. Make sure to follow our links to avoid scams.

New to the world of blockchain and NFTs

Install xPortal Wallet on your phone and join the revolution.


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